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Beautiful Zombies

Earn money with mining by holding a BZ NFT.

Play our game for a chance to win $250,000!

Have fun with our Zombies!

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Beautiful Zombies Pre-Evolution

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What is the Pre-Evolution Collection for?

The Pre-Evolution Collection is intended as an add-on to the main collection. In each Pre-Evolution NFT, you will find one colored symbol. If you are able to collect all six symbols of one color, you will unlock the following features:
  1. Collecting all six symbols in black will unlock a whitelist spot for the main collection. Additionally, we will draw five winners for a Main Collection NFT.
  2. Collecting all six symbols in red will unlock a free rebuy to the Quit Game from the main collection to win U.S.$250,000. Additionally, we will draw five winners for a Main Collection NFT.
  3. Collecting all six symbols in gold will unlock a free Main Collection NFT which will also qualify you to participate in the Quit Game to win U.S.$250,000.
Participation in the Quit Game isn’t the only thing that makes the Main Collection NFT valuable besides the art – you will also be playing an important role in our investing with a great ROI!


About the Main Collection

Our artists and designers have worked tirelessly to give you a never before seen 6 in 1 NFT collection which consists not only of 325+ traits but also those are packed into 6 different ground poses in 10 picture layers which make this collection rare in itself. On top of that, we are working with several Companies together to get you great deals in the future. 

The Poses will contain: 

Pose 1 = 3500 NFTs, Pose 2 = 2500 NFTs, Pose 3 = 1500 NFTs

Pose 4 = 1250 NFTs, Pose 5 = 1000 NFTs, Pose 6 = 750 NFTs


How it works



Step 1
Step 1
Step 2
Help us grow our community!
We will have free giveaways ready for your participation. Follow us on Discord for more information!
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4
Once the sale has begun, the following will occur:

Once 2000 NFTs are sold, we will bring the community investment into the Metaverse. Additionally we have decided to pause Sales after each Step is reached until we delivered on the utility, for ultimate transparency.

After 4000 NFTs are sold, we will start the setup for the mining farm. Pause / Resume

After 6000 NFTs are sold, we will start to order miners and set up everything to bring the system online and earn money for the community. Pause / Resume

After 8000 NFTs are sold, we will start to purchase the Solar panels to power the mining farm up to 75 percent with green energy and also save energy costs for the community. Pause / Resume

One month after all NFTs are sold we will start "The Quit Game" where the winner will take home a cash price of $250,000 US Dollars.
Step 4
Once we have a strong foundation, the community will decide if we reinvest or sell. Passive income and more future opportunities like finance rounds and discounts on future projects for our NFT holders will also be available.

The official BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIES launch date is to be announced. Further updates will be revealed on our official Discord.

You will be able to buy on our website when we launch. Join our discord to have more information about our launch date.

Yes! We anticipate a big interest in our BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIES project. Therefore we will start a white list on our Discord server.

Simply by buying one of our BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIES NFT.
The game starts when the whole collection is sold.
Each BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIE NFT represents one player.

The collection is set to be sold in different price categories correlating to the rarity of each NFT.
Each category is only one entry into the ‘Quit Game’ but has different vote strengths for future investments.
For more information contact us on discord or download the whole mission statement as PDF.

There will be 6 rounds in total:

  1. When a player loses a round and is eliminated, they will have the choice to either reenter the tournament for a fee of $150 to the game or quit the tournament indefinitely. You can reenter the game as long as it is running and as often as you like as long as you are playing by the rules. If a player chooses to quit, they will no longer be able to reenter the tournament under any circumstances.

  2. Our games will not include any dangerous activities however we assume no responsibility if you hurt yourself in any way during a challenge/game.

  3. Please note that you are responsible for your own internet connection during the online games. We will give you 5 minutes to reconnect if you should lose connection to servers, after 5 minutes you will be automatically eliminated from the tournament/game.

  4. In any case that there should be players that do not participate on game day but have registered and therefore another player is alone in one of the game rooms, this player will automatically advance to the next round.

  5. Please note that you can only reenter the tournament up to round 3, after round 3 no player can reenter the game. 

  6. Please make sure to subscribe to our BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIES Youtube channel to get all updates referring to the game/tournament and any other announcements. Your subscription to the channel will be mandatory to participate, so make sure to do it to not miss the latest news. 

Meet the Team

We are a group of 4 people from different backgrounds in marketing, graphic design, investment banking, wealth management and Web3.

Markus Kiriakidis / Orange County / California 

Alexander Kiriakidis / Essen / Germany

G-Hopper / Orange County / California

Heidelmaus / Heidelberg / Germany

Additional Staff:   

Willy O. > Web3 developer / Coding

John L.   > Mining Infrastructure

Dimitra M. > Social Media Management


Markus Kiriakidis
Founder and CEO
alex copy
Alexander Kiriakidis
Co Founder and VP
Heidelmaus > Graphic and communication design
G-Hopper > Artist / Creative Director


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Meet The Team


Markus Kiriakidis

Founder and CEO

Markus has worked in Aviation and ran his own marketing company for over sixteen years, before moving to the USA for a new challenge. 

Markus can speak five different languages and is always searching for a new challenge.

Meet The Team


Alexander Kiriakidis

Co Founder and VP

 Alexander has been working for the past ten years in the finance sector with a remarkable track record. 

Alexander is constantly empowering people and helps them have a secure financial future. He is reliable, straightforward, and always full of ideas to make things happen. 

Meet The Team



Graphic & Communication Design

Heidelmaus has been working for a major newspaper for the past fourteen years. She is responsible for all logos, designs and is supporting our artist with great enthusiasm. 

Heidelmaus was the first to take action on the idea of a Beautiful Zombies NFT and deserves a lot of credit for her tireless work even though she is working full time and pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Direction after work. 

Meet The Team



Artist / Creative Director

G-Hopper has brought our beautiful. zombies ideas to life. She has illustrated all of our NFTs. She created over 325+ traits in over 4000 Files. Simply amazing. Our team couldn’t be more thankful to work with her.

G-Hopper has worked for many years on major marketing campaigns and blockbuster video games before she switched to the educational sector. Her eye for detail is unmatched. 

Additional Staff


Will O.

Web3 developer / Coding

Will is responsible for smart contracts and all matters regarding the blockchain. 


John L.

Mining Infrastructure

John will be on the ground taking care of our mining farm. 


Dimitra M.

Social Media Manager

Dimitra is specialized on all Social Media matters and will always respond in a timely manner. 


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